Heavy Gauge POF Shrink Film

Thick and robust, BX-Tough heavy-gauge film provides extra protection for heavy or sharp-edged products. They are commonly used in industrial applications.

About BX-Tough

Key Features

  • High Strength and Durability
  • Superior Sealing Performance
  • Excellent Transparency and Clarity
  • Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Product Presentation: The crystal-clear appearance of BX-Tough enhances your product’s visual appeal. Whether it’s a retail item, gift basket, or multipack, the film allows consumers to see the product clearly, enticing them to make a purchase.
  • Tamper-Proof Packaging: Heavy gauge POF shrink film provides an additional layer of security. Once heat-sealed, it forms a protective barrier that prevents unauthorized access or tampering. Consumers can trust that the product inside remains untouched until they open it.
  • Versatility Across Temperature Ranges: POF shrink film maintains stability even in diverse temperature conditions. Whether your products are stored in cold environments or exposed to heat during transit, the film remains intact, safeguarding your goods effectively.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Considering its strength, clarity, and ease of use, POF shrink film offers a cost-effective packaging solution. It allows you to protect your products efficiently without compromising on quality.

Available As

BX-Tough is available in various formats and can be customized to specific requirements. Additionally, it can be printed and/ or hot-perforated if needed. It is available in both cross-linked and non-linked variants . 

Properties Standard Metric
Thickness 200, 300 Gauge 50, 75 Micron
Width – Center Fold 3” to 100” in 0.25″ increments 75mm to 2540mm in 6.5mm increments
Width – Single Wound 3” to 50” in 0.5″ increments 75mm to 1270mm in 12.5mm increments
Shrink Bag/Pouches Length: 4” to 80” |
Opening: 4” to 40”
Length: 100mm to 2030mm |

Opening: 100m to 1015mm


Machinery Parts

Heavy Products

Consumer Products


  • Replacing Harmful PVC Films: The POF Shrink Film from Bagla Group serves as a highly functional and chemically inert alternative to traditional PVC shrink film. PVC films contain chloride, a toxic substance. During manufacturing, they emit corrosive fumes and degrade into harmful components when discarded. Forward-thinking companies have committed to eliminating PVC from their packaging.
  • Optimized Packaging Efficiency: Thanks to its inherent properties, POF Shrink Films can operate at lower thicknesses, resulting in reduced plastic consumption. Additionally, their balanced shrinkage ensures a snug package wrap, minimizing space requirements during transportation and lowering fuel consumption.
  • Minimizing Landfill Waste: Bagla’s manufacturing processes prioritize recycling and internal reuse, effectively achieving zero waste sent to landfills.
  • Sustainable Packaging Choices: All packaging cores and boxes are crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Furthermore, the core plugs are fully recyclable.
  • Recycled Content Specifications: The film can be supplied with a plastic tax-avoiding 30%+ post-industrial waste recycled content. Rigorous certification ensures traceability throughout the entire regranulation process, without compromising performance or appearance.
  • Full Recyclability: The film is classified at LDPE level 4 and is a BO-PE mono-material, simplifying recycling. Additionally, it offers the option to include recycled content in the blend.

Product Downloads

Download BX-Tough Sellsheet (Metric)

Download BX-Tough Sellsheet (Standard)

Other Value Added Options

Looking for Standard Non-Cross Linked POF Shrink Film variant?

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Looking for Recyclable POF Shrink Film variant?

Looking for Opaque POF Shrink Film variant?

Looking for Tinted POF Shrink Film variant?

Looking for Printed POF Shrink Films variant?

Special Purpose POF Shrink Films


Heavy Gauge POF Shrink Film

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