A Commitment to Environmental Harmony.

Sustainability’ has long remained a central pillar of Bagla Group’s strategic objectives over the years. Our steadfast commitment to sustainability has significantly transformed our operations, resulting in reduced emissions, increased utilization of recycled and biodegradable materials and effective reduction of waste. In our resilient approach to sustainability, we are building a greener ecosystem that fosters harmonious well being of both people and the environment.
a lush green field surrounded by trees and bushes
The Earth and I



What does sustainability mean to Bagla Group?

  • Responsible use of natural resources.
  • Consistent choice of enviro-friendly methods of production.
  • Internal and external coaching of employees to embrace responsible, sustainable behaviour.


When manufacturing our products, we always strive for energy-efficient solutions. Our suppliers and contract partners are actively involved in this process. As a future-oriented company, the idea of sustainability is firmly established at Bagla Group. Thoughtful energy management plays a major role in our corporate culture. We encourage the personal initiative of our employees to make their own contributions. Because nobody knows these processes better than the people who implement them every day. We have a positive attitude towards the strict guidelines of the energy management system; since they help us to do business even more efficiently. More than anything else, Bagla Group sees legal minimum requirements as a challenge, to not only meet them but to surpass them whenever possible.

Our Energy Principles

Long-term reduction of energy consumption.

Economical use of energy.

Optimisation of energy efficiency in a continuous improvement process.