Carton Tear Tapes

Carton Tear Tapes

Suitable for:

Multiple packaging types including corrugated boxes, fibreboard cartons, envelopes, and e-commerce mailers.

Our Carton Tear Tapes

What are Carton Tear Tapes?

Carton Tear Tapes are specially designed to rip through most grades of fluting and board easily. These tear tapes are made from monoaxially orientated polypropylene (MOPP), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), or eco-friendly paper backing. They are coated with a newly formulated pressure-sensitive adhesive, making them ideal for easy-opening packaging solutions for a variety of applications such as corrugated cases, fibreboard cartons, envelopes, paper sacks, and e-commerce mailers.

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What makes our Carton Tear Tapes unique?

Easy Opening

Superior performance & exceptional application

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Global Presence & quick local customer service support

Exceptional Quality

All the products are produced by ISO-accredited facilities.

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