Cigarette Tear Tapes

Cigarette Tear Tapes

Suitable for:

Tearing through a variety of flexible packaging types for quick and easy product access.

Our Cigarette Tear Tapes

What are Cigarette Tear Tapes?

EzeeTear tapes are thin, adhesive strips that are applied to packaging to make it easier to open. They are a popular choice because they have a built-in perforation that allows users to tear open the packaging effortlessly, without needing any additional tools. The simple and effective design of EzeeTear ensures hassle-free opening while keeping the packaging intact.

Our Key Differentiators

What makes our Cigarette Tear Tapes unique?

Easy Opening

Superior performance & exceptional application

Excellent Network

Global Presence & quick local customer service support

Exceptional Quality

All the products are produced by ISO-accredited facilities.

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