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Adhesive tapes - Bagla Group
POF Shrink - Bagla Group
Packaging tapes - Bagla Group

Leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Adhesive Tapes, Tear Tapes & POF Shrink Film

Bagla Group headquartered in India, is the leading manufacturer and global exporter of Adhesive Tapes, Tear Tapes and POF Shrink Films. With over three decades of successful operations and a network of five top-tier manufacturing facilities, Bagla Group is the preferred choice of customers and distributors for advanced packaging solutions. With a global outlook and investments in the latest technology, the company remains committed to its core values, assuring high quality products with dedicated support & service for enhanced operations.

Why Bagla Group?


Manufacturing Plants


   Skilled    Workforce


Years of Packaging Excellence


MT/Year of Polymer Processing


  Countries   Reached


Million USD in Revenues

Brand Commitment

Reliable and consistent quality products

Cost- Effective

Value for money with countless benefits

Cutting-edge Technology

Most advanced and innovative technology

Operational Efficiency

Optimized cost, bigger profits

Swift Delivery 

Hassle-free, consistent deliveries with 24X7 service support and
dedicated dashboard


Preserve the GREEN planet with eco-friendly practices

Our Products

Innovative solutions transforming the packaging industry

Redefining Packaging for Global Brands

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