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Tear Tapes

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Opening packaging products quickly and easily.

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What are Tear Tapes?

Tear tapes, or tear strips, are narrow adhesive tapes that can easily open the packaging without any tools like scissors or knives. Tear Tapes are a widely used packaging accessory designed to provide convenience to customers while opening packages. They are typically made from a narrow-oriented polymer such as polypropylene, but can also be made from other polymers, yarns, and filaments.

Tear tapes are typically made up of two layers:

  • The Film Layer – MOPP/BOPP/Polyester or any other film.
  • The Adhesive Layer – Water-based acrylic or rubber-based adhesive.

Tear Tapes can have either a pressure-sensitive adhesive or a heat-activated adhesive system, but they always attach to the inner surface of packaging materials like paper, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard, or plastic film. The primary purpose of tear tapes is to assertively provide an easy opening mechanism for packages, reducing the risk of product spillage with their powerful and assertive grip. They are commonly used in all types of overwrapped packages be it tobacco products, confectionery, or even courier envelopes to name a few applications.

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Production time of 10-14 days.

Width of upto 25mm and length of upto 120km available.

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Other Offerings

Other Range of Packaging Solutions

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Suitable for:

Carton Sealing Applications for shipping and storage.

Packaging Tapes

Industrial Tapes

Suitable for:

Industrial applications where a strong, durable tape is needed.

Industrial Tapes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Tear Tapes Queries Answered

  • Self-adhesive (pressure-sensitive) tear tapes stick to surfaces upon application of pressure and do not require heat.
  • Wax-coated tear tapes need heat to activate the adhesive.
  • Plain tear tapes are the basic form without any pre-applied adhesive or coating.

Self-adhesive tear tapes should be applied to the inner surface of the packaging material, ensuring that the tape is accessible and can be pulled to tear open the package.

Tear tapes can be made from various materials, including:

  • PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
  • MOPET (metalized PET), and
  • MOPP (Monoaxially Oriented Polypropylene).

Overt solutions means the features that are visible openly and covert solutions are the ones that are visible with a special type of equipment.

Some of the overt solutions include:

  • Different types of inks including colour shift and pearlescent inks
  • Various types of base films
  • Micro-text and complex patterns
  • Holograms

Some of the covert solutions include:

  • UV fluorescent inks
  • Optical Security Tags
  • Network-based track-and-trace solutions