Cigarette Tear Tape with PCR Content

EkoTear is made up of recycled PET film with 90% post-consumer recycled content with water-based acrylic adhesive and a silicon-release coating.

About EkoTear

Key Features

  • Easy, intuitive and effortless opening for user convenience.
  • Highest Safety Standards for Food-grade solutions
  • Can include many optical security solutions
  • Engaging Print solutions to elevate brand promotion.

Key Benefits

  • Highly sustainable alternative with 90% PCR content
  • Offers good initial tack, excellent shear resistance, and strong adhesion.
  • Superior quality minimizes downtime and wastage.
  • Extended spool lengths reduce the need for frequent changeovers.
  • Increased operational efficiency

Available As

  • Backing: rPET 
  • Adhesive: Water Based Acrylic
  • Adhesive Activation: Pressure Sensitive
  • Standard Film Thickness: 23 and 36 micron
  • Width: 2mm to 20mm
  • Length: 5,000m to 120,000m
  • Core ID: 29, 76, 82.5, 125mm
  • Standard Colors: White, Red, Gold, Clear (Multiple colors available on request)
  • Wounding: Traverse wound
  • Print: Optional


Tobacco Industry

Cosmetics Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Product Downloads

Download EkoTear Datasheet 36 Micron

Download EkoTear Datasheet 36 Micron

Download EkoTear Datasheet 23 Micron

Download EkoTear Datasheet 23 Micron

Cigarette Tear Tapes


Cigarette Tear Tape with PCR Content

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Frequently Asked Questions

EkoTear is composed of 90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET film, making it a highly sustainable alternative to traditional tear tapes. Its use of recycled materials significantly reduces the environmental footprint associated with packaging production.

EkoTear is designed for easy, intuitive, and effortless opening. It provides a smooth tear experience for consumers, enhancing user convenience without compromising the security of the packaging.

EkoTear can incorporate a variety of optical security features, such as holographic elements, to provide anti-counterfeiting measures and ensure product authenticity.

EkoTear offers good initial tack, excellent shear resistance, and strong adhesion, which contribute to superior quality and minimize downtime and wastage. Additionally, its extended spool lengths allow for fewer changeovers, increasing operational efficiency.

The tear strength of EkoTear, made from 90% recycled PET film, compared to traditional tear tapes, is designed to be robust and sustainable. Traditional tear tapes are often made from materials like polyester or polypropylene, which provide a certain level of durability and tear resistance. EkoTear’s innovative composition with a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content aims to offer similar or enhanced tear strength while reducing environmental impact.