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Top 3 Different Types of Packaging tapes and their uses

Tapes play a vital role while you make the packaging of your goods. The types of tape you use to wrap the product can determine the expression or look of the product, how long it is going to last, and how it can later be used. Among the various kinds of tapes, there are some tapes that are good for indoor use while others are designed to be used outside or for some other purposes. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the different types of packaging tapes, along with the way to use them. These tapes can make your job easier, and your packaging looks better. Let’s have a look at the most common types of packaging tapes available in the market these days.

Hot Melt Tape

These hot melt tapes are manufactured with high-volume applications. They facilitate dependable seals each time placed in the desired place. This durable tape offers an impressive stick factor which is easy to unroll and performs exceptionally under stress and strain. Like acrylic tape, these hot melt tapes also work very well on boxes and cartons, especially those that contain a high volume of recycled material. These tapes can be applied by hand or with a machine, and it works in the temperature of 45- to 120-degree F temperature range.

Acrylic Tape for packaging

If you belong to a business in which you have to frequently work with corrugated boxes, acrylic packing tape is an excellent choice to go with. With little pressure, it can stick to corrugated surfaces. This is the reason why Acrylic Packing Tape is so commonly referred to as box tape or carton sealing tape. Acrylic tapes have various features like high clarity, outstanding UV resistance, work phenomenally in extreme temperatures, and are very affordable. These tapes are dependable, versatile, and a great choice for a wide variety of packaging applications, as they can be applied by hand or with the help of a machine.

Vinyl Packing Tape

If we talk about the features of Vinyl Packing Tape, then the tape has high quality, durable, and very adhesive tape for sealing any cardboard box. Vinyl packaging tape has more tack and can withstand more tension on the surface. When the tape is released from the roll without the need for a particular variant, it does not create any sound which is unlike any other polypropylene tape.

Vinyl tape is best suited for long-term storage and withstanding extreme temperatures. This makes them suitable for parcels that need freezing and refrigerating or are just likely to be transported and handled in cool environments. However, this additional strength is expected to cost you more than most polypropylene tapes.


All keep in mind that before the application of a tape, it becomes essential to check the substrate surface area to ensure that the space is oil-free and clear of contaminants. The unclear surface affects the adhesive.

The primary function of packaging tape is to keep your boxes sealed. With the help of this differentiation, one can make a choice among the list regarding which types of tapes can be better suited for specific situations and packaging requirements. Bagla Group is one of the largest acrylic tape manufacturer which ships acrylic tape worldwide.

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