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Tear Tapes

An easy opening strip of self-adhesive tape which can tear apart all type of overwrapped packages be it cigarettes, chocolate, biscuits, audio, and video tapes does provide an easy opening tool for all types of FMCG goods. These tapes can be further printed for security and brand promotion of the product.


Tear Tape is a tensilized polypropylene tear tape engineered with an acrylic adhesive system. This high tensile tear tape offers good initial tack, excellent shear resistance, and strong ultimate adhesion. Available in a variety of lengths and widths for application flexibility. It is used for detergent and consumer cartons, padded shipping envelopes, express delivery, and courier envelopes and medium to heavy-weight corrugated cartons


The self-adhesive Tear Tape is the ideal marketing tool because it has the ability to position consumer messaging at the point where consumers make their decisions. As an eye-catcher, it combines the advantages of an easy opening solution with your required advertising message as well as product and brand security.

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  • Cost-effective solutions to most packaging applications (high tensile strength, solid colours).
  • Quick and easy access to the product when tearing the tape
  • An ideal medium for branding and communication.
  • Great marketing tool.
  • A combination with security applications for a brand and product security.


  • Standard tapes in transparent, plain colours, lines and dots
  • Printing designs with up to 10 colours (rotogravure), 4+1 colours (digital printing)
  • Can be combined with metallic colours or holograms
  • Width between 1.6 mm and 15 mm
  • Length up to 120 km per reel
  • Base film thickness from 26 to 125 microns
  • Inner core diameter 30 mm, 76 mm, 82 mm, 152 mm
  • Base material MOPP, PET, and biodegradable film
  • Certified for food contact applications


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