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Printable ULTRA acrylic tapes

Easy Printable ULTRA - Acrylic Tapes

Easy Printable ULTRA  Acrylic Tapes are manufactured to ensure high definition flexographic printing, without any complexities of corona treatment, primers or release treatment.

It guarantees strong adhesion with exceptional consistency, backed up with superior ink anchorage capabilities, resulting in high quality, glossy print.

Printable ULTRA acrylic tapes

Key Features

  • No additional process for corona, primer or release treatment required
  • No change required in machine set-up for surface treatment
  • Cost-effective solution for all flexographic printing industries
  • Compatibility tested with majority of inks used in printing
  • Superior ink bonding for high-definition print
  • Unbox, load the tape and print - DIRECTLY without hassles
  • No machine downtime
  • Multiple colors available
  • Suitable for manual and automatic applications


Backing Material

  • BOPP
  • rPET with 85% PCR

Adhesive Type

  • Solvent free, water based acrylic adhesion
Kraft Paper Tape, Self Adhesive Paper Tape, Water Activated Paper Tape, Heat Activated Paper Tape
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