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Natural-Rubber-Packaging Tape

Natural Rubber Packaging Tapes

Why Choose Natural Rubber Packaging Tapes?

Natural Rubber Packaging Tapes provides superior holding force in high recycled content cartons specially in low temperatures. It penetrates deep into the fibers and shows outstanding cohesion even when subject to high mechanical stress.

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Kraft Paper Tape, Self Adhesive Paper Tape, Water Activated Paper Tape, Heat Activated Paper Tape


  • Does not loose force due to moisture.
  • Easy to use on irregular surfaces.
  • Long lasting adhesion.
  • Resistance to freezing temperatures.
  • Good mechanical strength.


  • Manual and automatic carton sealing.
  • Adhesion on uneven surfaces due to excellent power.
  • Suitable for all sorts of packaging applications.
  • Refrigeration use suitable.
  • Temperature resistance after application.
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