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Acrylic Tape & Hot Melt Tape

Hot Melt Packaging Tape


Bagla Group Hot Melt Packaging Tape is designed for closing high recycled content corrugated boxes. It gives a fool proof closure in both hand and machine application. The Synthetic Rubber Glue provides exceptionally quick tack and strong adhesion making the boxes safe and secure. The superior shear strength makes sure the boxes are closed for the longest time. The extremely easy unwind makes it a pleasure to use this tape.



Adhesive: Synthetic Rubber.

Backing: Biaxially oriented polypropylene cast film.


For closure of cartons in manual and automated industrial sealing settings.

Hot Melt packaging Tapes

Packing Tape Construction

Hot Melt Tapes are made up of a combination of three layers: BOPP Film, Hot Melt Adhesive & release coating for better performance.


Environmental Facts

Hot Melt Tape is the only viable solution for cold temperature environments and also for sealing recycled cartons.


Avaiable in different
Sizes & Types

Total Thickness (Mils)
Total Thickness
Film Thickness (Micron)

Film Thickness
Tensile Strength (lbs per 1")

Tensile Strength
Adhesion to Steel (lbs per 1")

Adhesion to Steel
Elongation % at Break

TElongation % at Break
HOT-MELT 38 1.5 24 18 ≥30 <150
HOT-MELT 40 1.6 25 20 ≥36 <150
HOT-MELT 43 1.7 26 21 ≥38 <150
HOT-MELT 45 1.8 28 22 ≥42 <150
HOT-MELT 47 1.9 30 23 ≥44 <150
HOT-MELT 50 2.0 30 24 ≥46 <150

Storage Conditions

Storage in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight is recommended. Best to be used within 12 months of date and shipment. Surfaces to which tape is applicable should be clean, dry and free of grease, oil or other contaminants.

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